Workshop for local community in Vodnjan, Croatia 21.10.2023.

On 21st of October 2023 a workshop for the local community was organised in Vodnjan’s Ecomuseum. Two lectures were held by the researchers from Croatian Forest Research Institute, Research Center ‘Josip Ressel’.

The lecture “Agroforestry in practice: representative examples of agroforestry in Istria” by Ivana Antolović Smoljan aimed to introduce the participants to the basics of agroforestry, to answer the question of what agroforestry is, what are the most common types of agroforestry, and what representative examples can be seen in the area of Istria.

The lecture “Truffles – from seedling to plantation”, by Anton Brenko, aimed to present the steps required to establish a truffle plantation, as one of the most significant examples of forest farming in Istria.