The climate change threats put an important task both to higher education to produce professionals who have the knowledge and skills on adaptive measures to successfully combat climate change and to local community and government as bearers of change to implement those measures. Improving students’ knowledge and skills in the field of agroforestry and increasing students’ competencies for the use and processing of data from digital databases connects the horizontal priority – Fight against climate change with the priorities in Higher education sector.

Specific objectives

  • To improve the quality of learning contents in the field of agroforestry at UB, UOM, UFS and UNIOS through the improvement of curricula of current subjects in agroforestry.
  • To provide quality and informed content that will enable students to acquire knowledge and skills to independently plan and design agroforestry practices in accordance with the natural conditions and needs of the local community and farmers.
  • To increase students’ digital competencies and mastering digital tools will enable future professionals to use modern analysis tools to provide informed solutions for adaptive measures in the field of agroforestry.
  • To ensure adequate monitoring of the quality of project activities and results, the dissemination and the visibility of the project  outside the academic community.