Welcome to the offical website of Erasmus+ AGFORWEB Project

Agroforestry practices in West Balkan for sustainable development: weaknesses and strenghts

AGFORWEB is intended to meet the horizontal priority of the environment and fight against climate change. The potential of the agroforestry system as an adaptive measure in the fight against climate change is not sufficiently recognised in the existing curricula of subjects in the field of agroforestry at universities in the countries of this consortium. Therefore, it is necessary to make certain changes in the curricula of those subjects in order to better meet the learning needs of students and reduce skills mismatches, while also being relevant for the labour market and for the wider society.

Upcoming Events

24-26th Jun 2024

Fourth Study visit will be held at the University of Forestry, Kavarna, Bulgaria

24-26th April 2024

Third Study visit will be held in Pazin(Istria), Croatia

01st December

Dr. Sara Lukić (UBFF) will hold a guest lecture entitled: “Potential of protective forest belts in combat climate change”, at the Biotechnical Faculty in Podgorica.

25-27th October 2023

Second Study visit will be held in Osijek, Croatia



University of Belgrade, Serbia
University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria
Croatian Research Institute, Jastrebarsko, Croatia
University of Montenegro, Podgorica
Josip Juraj Strossmayer, University of Osijek, Croatia