Work Packages

The distribution of tasks is done so that the work packages are led by partner institutions that are most interested in implementing the results of that package, i.e. they have the greatest need to develop within a given segment.

WP 1 Project Management

To efficiently manage the project activities, PMU was established on the kick-off meeting to monitor the dynamics and time frames of the project activities and govern the financial and legal aspects of the project. PMU is responsible for monitoring the dynamics and time frames of the project activities, budget control, reporting and communication with the ERASMUS offices and risk management. Risks will be identified, prioritized, managed and controlled in every phase of the project. Thus, the guidelines for financial management, reporting and correspondence was developed.

WP 2 Preparation

This package includes a detailed analysis of 7 curricula of current subjects in agroforestry in the Western Balkans universities and comparison with curricula of the EU universities, based on which curricula improvement will be made. In this work package a methodology for collecting data on agroforestry will be developed and established. Based on this methodology, data will be collected and spatial database on the most represented agroforestry practices in the participating countries will be created.

WP 3 Development

The specific objective of this work package is to improve the quality of learning contents in the field of agroforestry at UB, UOM, UFS and UNIOS through curricula improvement. Providing modern curricula that address the application of nature-based solutions represents one of the basic steps in the complex process of educating future professionals who will have the knowledge and skills to apply agroforestry practices, which have the potential as adaptive measures to combat climate change. A significant part is also transfer of knowledge planned through study visits of teaching staff, guest lectures, and preparation of master thesis.

WP 4 Innovative learning materials

The specific objectives of this work package are to provide quality and informed content that will enable students to acquire knowledge and skills to independently plan and design agroforestry practices. Three publications will be issued: a) Guide for Farmers and Local Self-Government in the languages of the participating countries; b) Textbook for students in the field of agroforestry in English and the languages of the participating countries; c) The Manual for using the digital database that will be used by students to master the tools for planning and designing agroforestry practices.

WP 5 Quality assurance and dissemination

The main objectives of this work package is to ensure adequate monitoring of the quality of project activities as well as the achieved project results. The main results of this work package are the Quality Assurance plan and Dissemination plan. This work package also envisages the dissemination of project results and ensuring the visibility of the project and its results outside the academic community, including as many participating groups from the wider community (local governments, interested farmers and foresters, high school students, etc.).