Forest protective belts as an agroforestry practice

In the book Poljoprivrednikov poljoprivredni kalendar 2024, the article “Forest protective belts as an agroforestry practice” (in Serbian – Šumski zaštitni pojasevi kao praksa agrošumarstva) was published, which talks about the concept of agroforestry and environmental protection. Dr. Sara Lukić and MSc Aleksandar Baumgertel, explain that various degradation processes have a negative impact on agricultural production, and one of the most significant is aeolian erosion, which occurs as a result of the adverse effect of wind, on land with little or no vegetation. According to the available data, as much as 60% of agricultural areas on the European continent are threatened by this process, which leads to large losses that can be measured in millions of euros. In the article, the authors give a brief overview of how agroforestry is defined, what are agroforestry practices, emphasize the importance of forest protective belts, but also that priority is given to autochthonous species when establishing agroforestry systems.

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