Workshop for local community in Bačka Palanka (Serbia), 5th June 2024

On 5th of June 2024, Dr Sara Lukić, Dr Snežana Belanović Simić and MSc Aleksandar Baumgertel, from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry, held a workshop for the local community in the municipality Bačka Palanka (Serbia), which was published in local media. Link:

Dr Sara Lukić introduced the audience to the agroforestry systems in Serbia, pointing out the topic “Forest protective belts in agriculture – a step towards agroforestry”. She presented it as a part of AGFORWEB activity, which is a significant effort to define the agroforestry system as a good practice in land management. The audience met with the concept of agroforestry, and gained insight into the project’s aims to contribute to the achievement of key objectives of the EU Common Agricultural Policy 2023-27, including mitigating climate change, caring for the environment, preserving landscapes and biodiversity, revitalizing rural areas and protecting food quality and health.

Dr Snežana Belanović Simić held a lecture on the topic “The influence of forest protective belts on the condition of the soil”. She provided insight into the agroforestry-soil connection, as well as the importance of agroforestry integration for sustainable development.

MSc Aleksandar Baumgertel presented the topic related to the possibilities of financing the establishment of forest protective belts and access to funds. Him, as well as Dr Sara and Dr Snežana shared their professional knowledge and experience in this area. The workshop ended with discussion and questions after the lectures.